System Registration Procedure is as below

Applicability: Non-Mgmt Employees who do not have any official email id and has their mobile number registered in the portal

Step 1: To get OTP Click here

Step 2: To Login Using OTP Click Here

  1. Only those employees who do not have any official email id and has their mobile number registered in the portal shall login in URL @ step1 to get OTP. The Registered mobile number will be displayed by the system. You are required to confirm the same and pl. submit button. In case the mobile number is not correct or if no mobile number is registered, you are required to go to employee portal and update the same properly and come back to this site.

  2. On click of “Submit” button, One Time Password(OPT) for agreement application will be generated and SMS will be sent to employee on his registered mobile no. (To avoid the unauthorized submission of Agreement).

  3. Enter OTP in system then click “Submit” button.

  4. Go through the Agreement and Accept the Agreements by clicking “Accept” button.

  5. On Acceptance on agreement, users email id will be unlocked by the system and Welcome message will appear showing the User email id and URL of non-management email system. This page will includes Zimbra desktop client software download links ,Configuration and email backup/restore documents links.

  6. SMS will go to user’s registered Mobile number with user-id & password along with email system URL.

  7. User will be forced to change the password on first login.

  8. User may login to system with new changed password.

  9. User may contact IS – Helpdesk by posting a Service Request to “Messaging” Category or Landline: 022-22788484/8454 or email: .

  10. The Zmail link will be available on Messaging section on MYHPCL portal for regular use.


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Download Zimbra Desktop Installation & Configuration zimbra Desktop Installation & Configuration
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